Great amount the time we us our skills and effort to pinpoint our clients, essentially by performing internet searches.

We audit several government agencies regularly for unclaimed funds that are owed to American citizens such as you. We pursue challenging claims. There are an abundant types of unclaimed assets that bear a slew of diverse sources such as mutual funds, insurance policies, uncashed checks, safe deposit bank contents, wages, utility deposits, escrow accounts, and inheritance money to name just a few.

The governmental agencies in which we audit customarily DOES NOT place these unclaimed funds accounts online. We encourage you to inspect state unclaimed funds websites,  there is a chance that you may be able to  locate money owed to you or possibly someone in your life. Even though these websites are exceptional tools, you will not attain the claim you were approached about there.  All claims are not simple to procure and a hefty amount of  resources and time have been used collecting the mass details of your claim.

In order to demonstrate your entitlement to the claim and submit your request, the agencies that hold the assets frequently have a number of specific requirements that must be adhered to. In addition, these organizations may occasionally be challenging to work with in terms of their response times and payment methods. After all, if you don’t follow their rules and meet their deadlines, they stand to keep the money. We know exactly what needs to be done to claim your funds and have the training and experience to navigate the maze of government agencies holding the funds.

There is no catch. We are paid a fee if we locate money belonging to you. If you are not owed the money, we won’t get paid. We do not require any money up-front from you and we merely get paid only if we assist you in getting your money!!!

Now, be cautious because these funds are only held for a brief time, and the agency that is responsible for them may be permitted to take them through a proceeding called “escheatment.”

We are dedicated to preventing this from happening to anyone, particularly you, as we believe it is outrageously unfair for American citizens to lose their funds to faceless federal government agencies.

Your information kept 100% confidential and private. We at no time will inquire for any personal financial data. Your info is not sold nor do we provide your information to any person beyond of our organization.

Just reach out to us by email or call! We are right here to be of service to you.  info@assetrecoveryauthority.org or 800-219-2823