Asset  Recovery Authority, we are a team of abandoned money locators . If you  actually gotten a letter,  postcard, or call from us, it is because we’ve discovered funds being retained by the government that might be truly yours.

We are extremely knowledgeable of the workings of government agencies inside all the states. If a federal government agency is possessing your funds, we know exactly how to obtain them! Given that after a certain amount of time expires, the federal government might get to maintain your funds, it’s invariably best to have experts  in your corner.

Our Goal
If a case for your funds is not made within time, the funds repeatedly “escheat” to the agency possessing them, indicating you are no longer able to claim the money. It’s your cash,   the government shouldn’t have the ability to confiscate it from you. Our goal is to make certain that this never ever occurs. We audit government files as well as documents for the above-mentioned unclaimed funds, and when we locate them, it becomes our personal goal to rejoin them with their rightful owner.

Our Vision
We ‘d enjoy to see you recover the funds we’ve located for you! Think for a moment, what would you do having a wonderful, unforeseen cash advance? In this economy, everybody’s has an usage for additional money. Let’s  ensure the government does not take your money!

Now, beware, due to the fact that these funds are retained for only a short time period, after which the agency accountable for them may be allowed to confiscate them through a procedure called “escheatment.”.

We believe citizens squandering their funds to faceless federal government agencies (a system entrenched in medieval 16th century England) is wholly unfair, we are steadfast to stop this from occurring to anyone, specifically you.