How It Works

The Audit

Our organization  audits several governmental  agencies throughout the country and locates unpaid funds owed to private individuals and companies. You must know, the government definitely does not make any genuine attempt (neither are they under any burden) to inform its citizens that they are due money from any type of abandonment, in addition publishing the list in a newspaper or mailing a letter to  the original address the Agency has on file.

The kinds of funds that this falls beneath are NOT located on government lists that they distribute; these are concealed extremely deep in the bowels of government records and 99% of all citizens are totally unaware that these exist.

The Search

When the funds are located, we make enormous attempts to find the lawful owner(s). Our team proceeds to collaborate with our attorneys, researchers as well as notaries to work with the agency in possession of  your unclaimed money.

In most cases, government agencies claim these funds after they remain unclaimed for a long period of time.

Paperwork and Payment

Upon speaking to a Funds Recovery Specialists and verbally  agreeing to allow our organization to work on your claim.  An appointment  will be scheduled so you can sign a minor amount of paperwork.

Our organization performs on a CONTINGENT basis – which means that there are no up-front or out-of-pocket costs to you, EVER. We’re compensated SOLELY upon successful collection of your claim. You do NOT owe us anything if we are not able to claim your money – because all the expenses are paid as well all the paperwork is done by us, along with plunging through all the administrative hoops. The entire risk is taken on by us, for an exchange of an agreed upon percentage of the collected funds –a fair trade!

Upon accepting our paperwork package,  a local notary will be dispatched to gather it from you and overnight it back to our office. We begin processing claims promptly and follow through all the way until the end, making sure to keep you abreast the entire way.




All information you provide us is kept 100% private and confidential.

Personal financial information is never requested.

Information about you is never sold or given out outside our organization.

Call Us!
If you’ve secured a postcard, letter, or a phone call from us, we have found funds that our team believes are owned to you.  Contact us right away by phone so we can begin your claim at (855) 903-3633.